About Me, Sort Of

Now I am not going to tell you a lot about myself because frankly, some of you scare me.  That being said, I would like to say that I am a Colts and Purdue fan.  I do my damnedest not to let that affect my opinion on fantasy football but I thought it’d be best to let that be known.  I started Foster week 1 against my Colts.  While it was torture to watch them lose to the Texas, I had a little grin knowing my round 13 pick just won me week 1.

Also, I am going to show my main fantasy team on here. I like to put my money where my mouth is.

Starters This Week:

QB-David Garrard
WR-Mark Clayton
WR-Roddy White
K-Matt Bryant

QB-Michael Vick
RB-Ray Rice
WR-Santana Moss
Wr-Brandon Marshall
TE-Zach Miller

Young was demoted to the waivers, and I changed my Kicker and Defense to get good match-ups. Not my best lineup in the world, but every single starter has a fantastic match-up!

Remember, send those emails to oneextrayard@live.com.


5 Responses to About Me, Sort Of

  1. Corey says:

    Just a thought here, maybe you should bold players’ names in your blog so they stand out when people are scanning for the players on their team. Other than that, good fantasy blog – you’ve got a new reader! One more thing- what to do with Maurice Jone-Drew?!

    • mase123987 says:

      I don’t know what your particular situation is but I wouldn’t give up on MJD. He is in a horrible situation but he always seems to have the Colts card. And guess who he is playing this week? I can’t see him being a bust all year with his type of talent. Little note with him. He is an avid fantasy football player and of course MJD has himself on his team. If he drops himself at any point, then you know its time to run.

      By the way, I like the idea of using bold for players names. I think I may work on that tonight or tom. Thanks also for your continuing support. Please comment and rate the posts as much as possible. Also, I started a forum which you can access by clicking on the forum link on the right side of the blog. No one has used it yet but it has to start somewhere! I look at it everyday to see if anyone has questions or wants help.

  2. Huwby says:

    Hey, thanks for getting in touch about the blog -it’s nice to know people actually read it! I’d be happy to include a link to your blog from mine and as you say, cross trafficking is the way forward. I’ll get back to you with a brief summary of my blog which you can include with any link you provide to us. 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    I’m a rookie in Fantasy Football this year. I think I’m in a shady “friends” league. We use Yahoo Fantasy Football. There is a pending trade right now between 2 managers. Reggie Wayne for Atlanta Defense, Dez Bryant, and Owen Daniels. This is a very bad trade in my opinion, and will solidify the Number 1 spot for the team getting Reggie Wayne (he is undefeated, with Rivers, Miles Austin, Chris Johnson, Wes Welker, and San Diego D). You can see why he doesn’t need Wayne. Luckily, our league has the veto option. I’m trying to talk everyone into vetoing this trade, but many managers are afraid that this manager and his brother (the commissioner) will get mad if this trade is voted down. Can the league commissioner see who votes against the trade?

    Thanks , Mark

    • mase123987 says:

      Honestly I am not sure. I would guess no but don’t quote me on that. If the team that trades Reggie is hurting for a TE then this isn’t as bad of trade as it looks. Almost never are trades perfectly even. Also, I think that the team with Dez is realizing that having 2 receivers from the same team usually isn’t a good plan. Dez’s value is also pretty high right now. I can understand why you don’t want to see this trade go through. I personally won’t veto unless Reggie’s team doesn’t need a defense and a TE. Thanks for the comment!

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