Life Is Too Busy

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to write a great post like I normally do the last couple days. Hopefully that will change tonight. That being said, I am going to do my best to give to keep you up-to-date on today’s information. reported that Jake Delhomme is back practicing with the Browns at a high level. The ankle sprain he suffered during week one isn’t perfect yet but he may play this weekend. Solid information should be available after practice Friday. If your main man is on a bye week, Delhomme could be a start in very deep leagues, though not recommended.

The Chicago Bears’ QB Jay Cutler has been ruled out for his week 5 game against the Panthers. Todd Collins will get the start, but after getting his bell rung (yes I know, it is a medical term) against the Giants, I can’t see him or his receivers as being very good starts. Forte still has plenty of value this week but stay away from the rest of the Bears.

If I am playing you this week, Be Afraid.

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