Lynch To Seahawks; Jenkins Back In Lineup

I am a little slow on commenting on Marshawn Lynch’s coast to coast move to Seattle, but better late than never. This trade has affects 4 different running backs’ trade values. Lynch should remain a start most weeks, though I would lower expectations during this week. Any move of this size will take a couple weeks to get use to the new team and city. Forsett’s value just took a huge hit. His owners can only hope now that he will be able to split carries evenly. I don’t see this happening though I would hold on to him until his use is figured out. Fred Jackson is named the new starter in Buffalo and should get decent numbers. They have little passing game and need him to come up huge. Spiller is now the number 2 guy and will get more or a realistic chance to show what he has. While I wouldn’t start him, he suddenly becomes a flex start in really deep leagues. Also, I would try to acquire him in trades as an after thought. Try to get the other team to throw him in to any trade.

Michael Jenkins also returns to the Falcons starting lineup after being out for the first four games following a shoulder injury. With 50 receptions last year. He is a bye week fill-in or deep league flex start most weeks. I don’t see White’s stats hurting at all either. Pick Jenkins up if you have a roster spot that is open or might as well be.

And if you’re playing me this week, Be Afraid.

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