And Just When We Started To Like Vick Again

He goes and injures himself. Okay, maybe thats not how it exactly happened but for fantasy owners, he caused a lot of pain and grief. Based on what Michael Vick said to a radio station, he should be out 1 to 2 weeks, though the time table isn’t for sure. This is relatively good news considering how much pain everyone said he was in after he got turned into a sandwich. For those who thought that picking up Kevin Kolb was going to be a good play after Vick went down, the day just continued to get worse. Kolb repeated his first half performance from Week 1 by looking more like Matt Leinart than a starting QB. If your backup QB isn’t worth starting for the next couple weeks, play the position by match-ups by picking up guys off the waivers. Garrard has a positive match-up against the Bills, while Sam Bradford is playing the Lions. A long shot could be Matt Cassel against the Colts. As the NFL’s last unbeaten, KC has been playing really solid football. The Colts defense has yet to pull it together and could be ripe for the picking again.

If you play me this week, Be Afraid.

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