Best Of One Extra Yard, Week 4

Yes, Week 4 technically isn’t over in NFL terms, but in blog terms, this is a brand new week. I thought I would go back and pull the best from the inaugural week. Unfortunately, 9 or so comments and 1 email from readers isn’t good enough! Remember, the more you participate with me, the better the overall experience will be. Oh well, enough begging from me. Here it is:

“Enjoying actually seeing the field for significant time, BenJarvus Green-Ellis makes sure Fred Taylor doesn’t see the field soon by hiring an ex-teammate from Ole Miss to crash a SUV into Taylor’s Mercedes. The injuries to Taylor are currently unknown and the Patriots aren’t letting any information out. When confronted by a Boston reporter at his home late Friday night, Green-Ellis gave the middle finger to the camera and walked into his home.”

“Leo Says:
Some of my Week 4 sleepers:
Jacoby Jones
Chad Ochocinco
Malcom Floyd
Nate Washington
John Carlson”
(And still sleeping…to be fair, some others he said were correct)

“Rob Says: Does that make Shonn Greene the exception? He played great in the playoffs last season and now he’s killing most of my fantasy teams.”
(Comment to “Rookie Mistake.” Got to love when someone wants to make me look bad. Greene did pretty well Sunday didn’t he?

“Carpet Doughnut Says: it’s you’re not your.”
(I get it, my grammar is horrible. Get over it!)

“FantasyFBguru Says: Not a bad gig u got going here, you should get something for advice for who to start in your roster each week so people can ask questions.”
(I love compliments! I want the forum to turn into a place where people can ask me questions, and ask each other.)

“Week 4 QB Rankings:
1. Michael Vick ATL
2. Aaron Rogers GB
3. Philip Rivers SD
4. Matt Schaub HOU
5. Peyton Manning IND
6. Tom Brady NE”
(Number 1 hurts. Lady luck doesn’t like me making predictions apparently.)

There you have it. Lets get the second week of One Extra yard off to bang!

And if you’re playing me this week, Be Afraid.

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