Game Day Is Here

Sunday has finally arrived, as my readers and I get to spend our first one together.  It’s almost like a couple’s first Christmas together isn’t it?  Though no one has used the forum yet, it would be the perfect place to discuss the day’s events and meet huge fantasy fans alike.  Also, I am going to put together a “Best Of Week 4” post tomorrow with parts of my best posts along with your best comments and emails.

As I said previously, up until game time, I will update my All-Mighty Injury List.  Make sure you check back frequently to see if you need to change any roster sports at the last minute.  Otherwise, I am going to be quieter than normal to let people finish up on their own team and watch football.

Another note that I thought was important.  This is the fifth full day this site will be up and yesterday was the first day to break the 100 view mark.  Also, I finally got a couple hits from people using Google to look up football information.  All of this is great news, and I thank all my readers immensely!

Hang the tinsel; put up the lights; bake the cookies (chips and salsa will do); get the family together.  It is time to spend your first games with One Extra Yard!

And if you’re playing me this week, Be Afraid.

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2 Responses to Game Day Is Here

  1. FantasyFBguru says:

    Not a bad gig u got going here, you should get something for advice for who to start in your roster each week so people can ask questions

    • mase123987 says:

      Thanks for the compliment! I did post my QB rankings for week 4 earlier this week. It takes a lot of time to create rankings that I am truly happy with. I am hoping to have my readers start using the One Extra Yard forum to ask me and fellow users questions. Instead of being emailed for advice, the forum allows the same thing while making it public for everyone one to read. To me, that is the best option for a blog. Good luck this week!

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