Handling Trades Correctly

So I am probably stupid for giving up how I approach trades, but then again most of these are common knowledge and not much of a secret. Are these going to allow you to pick up A-Pete for Law Firm? Not unless your playing a monkey this week. Is it just me or does it seem animals are good at picking games? There was that octopus that was perfect picking World Cup games, and a local news station that had a cat that wasn’t too shabby either. BACK ON COURSE, enjoy these try to use them in your league. Let me know if any of them help.

1. “Finding teams weak in a certain position.” Frankly it doesn’t matter how well the overall team is doing, one key to finding a team ripe for the picking is looking for someone who is unusually horrible at a given position. This leads to a desperate team who will trade top notch players at other positions to cover their current issues. For instance, lets say that a person would normally trade a “grade A” wide receiver for a “grade B+” running back. This is typically an even trade unless in a PPR league (points per reception) which can even up the value in these two positions. Using this method, you could suddenly get a “grade A” running back for giving up a “grade A” receiver. The difference in value can be greater with teams that are reeling from a couple losses in a row.

2. “Start with the low-ball.” Whether buying a used car or making a fantasy trade, always start with the low-ball offer. Why you may be asking? Once in a blue moon, someone will actually take it! This isn’t going to happen even every fantasy year but the benefits of being able to pull off just one of these team-changing moments can lead to a championship moment. The advantages of this method continue a lot further though. I have found that starting really low often leads to a better trade in the end. If the typical compromise is in the middle of what the two teams originally request, lowering your end will mean a cheaper trade for you. You will be surprised just how much this works, especially with newer fantasy players.

3. “Be the master of the multi-team trade.” Pulling off a trade involving multiple teams have become more and more rare as pretty much all fantasy leagues are controlled online. I have yet to see an option on Yahoo! or ESPN that accommodates multi-team trades. This means that there is a certain level of trust you have to have with the other members to follow through to the end. But when that trust is there, this can be a golden opportunity. There is a reason that you see the biggest named athletes usually involved in multi-organization trades. It is hard to give correct value for a stud when only offering a linear trade. Trying these will catch your other teams off guard but it is a fantastic way to get things done.

4. “Use draft picks in trades.” This only works if you play with the same people every year, usually in a keeper league. When you have lost all hope for the season, when every NFL game has become slow torture, when your team is the standard for how crappy something is, it is time to make a change (and for Godsake I am not talking about Obama). Lets say that you get to keep 2 players for next season; don’t trade them. Put everyone else on the trading block for draft picks. If you can make 3 to 5 trades to teams competing for the championship, and very often the cash-money, you can greatly improve your chances to create one of those legendary draft days. Think about it. Why keep around players for a team that is going nowhere?

Use these together to help your cause even more. You just may make the best trade of your life, and I expect my share of the prize money! Just kidding, unless your going do it.

And remember, if you’re playing me this week, Be Afraid!

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