Week 4 – QB Rankings

As the first bye-week approaches, we still don’t know who to trust at QB.  Is Schaub going to Washington Schaub or Indy/Dallas Schaub?  Is Orton going to continue putting up A level yards while giving us C level touchdowns? Has Cutler really turned the corner and become a non-interception-happy QB?

I wish I had the answers also!  Maybe i would be rich in Hawaii instead of dirt poor.  Oh well, my opinion may not be correct but at least it is worth more than toilet paper.  Here is my rankings for week 4.  Note: These may change slightly up until Sunday.

1. Michael Vick ATL
2. Aaron Rogers GB
3. Philip Rivers SD
4. Matt Schaub HOU
5. Peyton Manning IND
6. Tom Brady NE
7. Jay Cutler CHI
8. Drew Brees NO
9. Mark Sanchez NYJ
10.Matt Ryan ATL
11.Donovan McNabb PHI
12.Carson Palmer CIN
13.Kyle Orton DEN
14.Matt Hasselbeck SEA
15.Eli Manning NYG
16.Chad Henne MIA
17.Sam Bradford STL
18.Joe Flacco BAL
19.David Garrard JAC
20.Vince Young TEN
21.Alex Smith SF
22.Derek Anderson ARI
23.Shaun Hill DET
24.Bruce Gradkowski OAK
25.Charlie Batch PIT
26.Seneca Wallace CLE
27.Jimmy Clausen CAR
28.Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF

And remember, if you’re playing me this week, Be Afraid.

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