Manningham Reported to Have Concussion

It was reported today that Mario Manningham suffered a concussion against the Titans during week 3. His status is currently unknown for this week. With the testing these players have to go through now-a-days for concussions, I would not be surprised to see him sit out for Week 4. What does this mean for your fantasy team? Probably not much. Manningham hasn’t done much so far this year, and if your starting him, your probably in trouble as it is! If he is ruled out for the week and your in need of a WR in at least a 12-person fantasy league, go for a long shot and pick up Victor Cruz, who will become the 3rd receiver for the Giants. He was a star in the preseason and will surely be looking to take advantage of any chance he gets. He averaged 75 yards, 1 TD and 19.8 ypc in 4 preseason games.

And remember, if you’re playing me this week, Be Afriad.

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