Fantasy Football Don’t Do Tips

So I’m reading through and answering hundreds of fantasy football questions at Yahoo! Answers and I started to see the same mistakes being made over and over. I start thinking to myself, “I know rookies can’t know the tricks of the trade but really??” Well I am going to keep this simple and hopefully help you avoid the perils of bad fantasy play.

1. “Play a week with a roster spot empty.” Now i know some strategy comes with experience but its not rocket science that you can’t score if your starting roster isn’t full. One person asked it they should leave their defense empty and another their tight end. Their reasoning was that their current player/team was on bye week and they didn’t want to drop anyone else on their team. One word for you, DUMB! That’s the type of planning thats going to cause you to be watching your friend win your money in the playoffs. I, for one, am greedy and not about to give up without a fight. It’s pretty simple to avoid this is most leagues. Kickers and defenses can easily be switched out week to week to fit the best situation. With tight ends, carry a backup and your good to go. The other positions you should already have backups for (yes I know your not supposed to end the sentence with a prepisition, so sue me).

2. “Got to run to the computer, pick up the flavor of the day.” Especially early in the season, everyone is looking for the gem off the waivers. I heard after the first couple games people asking if they should pick up Eddie Royal after he performed well. A week later, there is question after question asking about picking up Brandon Lloyd and dropping Royal. Sounds to me like the biggest fair-weather fans in world! Look, there is nothing wrong with trying to catch a up-and-coming player early to help sure up your bench or use as trade bait. That being said, its never going to work if your continuously picking up and dropping the same players every week. Find players that have shown something in the past or have had a couple good games in a row. By the way, I hope tomorrow’s flavor is chocolate cookie dough, ahhhhh cookie dough!

3. “I have two/three defenses on my roster.” This one isn’t obvious when you first start playing but should become apparent after your first season. Carrying more defenses than you can start is an absolute no-no. Unless you have some strange scoring that puts a lot more emphasis on the defense, you can find a suitable defense on waivers for anytime you need to replace your current one. No one in their right mind makes trades for defenses unless it is just to free up roster room. It is that way for a reason. Think about it.

I have more I could add here but if I gave it all to you the first time, what is going to make you want to go out on another date…ummm…I mean come back and read my blog more?

And if you’re playing me this week, Be Afraid.

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