Brand Spankin’ New Forum

I thought, with a blog, people can only comment about what I am writing about. What if people want to ask me questions without having to use email? What if people want to discuss fantasy football without me? What if they want to talk about their weird obsession with sock monkeys? Well, I am giving the public what I am sure you will want. Located on the menu to the right of this page is a link to the One Extra Yard Forum. Join the forum and I will personally answer your fantasy questions. Help make it a community feeling!

And if you’re playing me this week, Be Afraid.

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6 Responses to Brand Spankin’ New Forum

  1. Joe says:

    So I have a question. In the future should I start Visanthe Shiancoe or Aaron Hernandez?

    • mase123987 says:

      I would still start Shiancoe (I hope you spelled it right because I didn’t look that up!). He is the more talented TE and also has more experience. I know Favre hasn’t played well at all but I got to think he will improve. With that being said, keep an eye on Hernandez and see how his role with NE changes over the season. If he keeps showing he is a real pass threat, he might be worth starting down the road. But until further notice, stay with Shiancoe (what a name).

  2. Joe says:

    I don’t know though because last week shaincoe had 1 point and hernandez had 13 so i lost my matchup by 2.62 points :'(. i could only start 1 tight end and i went with shaincoe

    • mase123987 says:

      I feel your pain. Last week I started S. Moss over Marshall because I had a feeling he was going to break out. Well guess what, he did! Unfortunately so did Marshall. White provided me with another solid performance but Marshall would have been nice to have in the lineup. Lady Luck is an evil woman!

      • Joe says:

        annd to make it worse. FG’s in my league are worth 3 points. My kicker is mason crosby. is julius peppers hadnt blocked that goal i would won!

      • mase123987 says:

        Let me tell you about the luck I have. I have scored the most points in my league but am going to be only 2-2. I also haven’t received more that 9 points have my QB since week 1. That should tell you how good my position players are. I feel bad that I suggested Vick to everyone. I also started him. If MJD and Foster hadn’t gone crazy, I might be looking at 1-3.

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