Yes, yes I know. You have been waiting your entire life for this!

Now if I could only find some “you’s.”  Oh well, ya’ll will eventually come and realize the vast fantasy football knowledge you have been missing.  You know, those tid-bits of information that saves your dream team from another embarrassing lose (and if your like me, a little bit of cash).  Save face with your friends; shut-up that trash-talking loud mouth who claims to know everything; get bragging rights for 7 more days.  This is my brand spankin’-new method of getting my fantasy football guruness (yeah I know it isn’t a word) out to the mass.  With the amount of time i spend answering everyone’s questions on Yahoo! Answers, i figured I should try and send some of that traffic to a blog that one day, if God loves me, could make a buck or two.

The look of the blog is nowhere close to its finally look so please don’t make fun of it too bad.  It will only get better with time.  The more traffic that I can produce, the more time I’ll spend making this as pretty as me…

Here’s how this shindig will work:  I will write a few articles a week regarding the latest news in the NFL.  During the whole week, I encourage everyone to send all your questions and comments to my email.  And yes, I promise to answer all questions within 24-hours of receiving it.  On Fridays or Saturdays, I will take the best questions and comments and post those to hopefully help the masses.  On Sunday, I’ll post my recommendations for last minute starts, benchings and moves.

Call your friends, tweet like crazy, update your statuses and get ready for your source in primo FFL information.

If you use Yahoo! Answers for fantasy football at all, my screen name is “Be Afraid.” Also, my email

And if you’re playing my team, Be Afraid.

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